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Do you have problems with double accounts? You want to prevent efficient that their users with two or more user accounts stay in your community? Then the multi- Hunter is exactly what you are looking for!

The multi Hunter checked automatically by 4 routines , whether it is a potential Doppeaccount for a user . An examination alone already provides good protection , but the combination of these , the Multi Hunter is a unique tool to make double accounts identified.

Registry Checker
Once a user re-registered in their community, the user's IP address is held by wcf . The multi Hunter compares now is whether the new member of the IP address has already been registered in the database.

The IP test
Through the IP test is checked every application , whether the Use IP is already in use by another user . By default this check is limited to the last 24 hours , because after a reconnect a user to the Internet , a new IP address is generated.

[b][size = 12]The cookie test[/ size][/ b]
Usually everyone gets users on the Internet every 24 hours a new IP address assigned . This would already no longer to locate a potential double account able a simple IP check. For this reason, there is the cookie check that checks at every login , whether it has been already registered by this browser from a user account. [B][size = 12]

The Super Cookie / Flash cookie test[/ size][/ b]
Similar to the "cookie test " a cookie is by the "super cookie Testing" stored on the user's PC to so find a double account can . The difference to the normal " cookie test " is that this test cross-browser works ( eg IE to Firefox). The only exception is at this point of the Google Chrome browser , as this brings its own Flash Player.

The Local Storage check
The Local Storage examination is in effect from another cookie to the user. Here are just not PHP, but HTML5 is used. From this new feature of HTML5, there was almost inevitably the fifth test routine of the multi-Hunters.

Indexed DB test
In addition to local storages HTML5 also brought the so-called IndexedDB to save data to the user. It envisages the whole actually for large amounts of data, but for the purpose of multi-Hunters, this technique is optimal. Thus was born the seventh hereby examination of the multi-Hunters, to make it double again Accounts heavier.

[size = 12][b]The one-time "user string"
[ color = # FF0000]* NEW *[/color]
In version 1 of the Multi Hunters , only the user ID is stored in the cookie. Thus there were so many villain who falsified this entry and pushed the double account any other user in the shoes . In version 2 of the multi- Hunters there is not this problem. Each user receives a unique " user string" , which is stored in the cookie or jewieligem super cookie. Thus, it is almost impossible to push an innocent one double account in your shoes !

[size = 12]The powerful search

True to the motto that almost every browser is identifiable, the multi Hunter provides a comprehensive way to search the collected data sets . You want to know who in their community with a Windows 8 operating system in the Firefox version 15.3 has surfs while Norwegian installed? Find this person again , even if it has deleted a new IP address, and cookies !

[size = 12]Unknown data were yesterday
[ color = # FF0000]* NEW *[/color]
Until now, it was so , that when the multi- Hunter has a user stored with unknown data , these were reported to the end of time in the log entry as unknown. A new update routine , unknown records are automatically kept up to date.

[size = 12]Whitelist[ / size]
Not every user has bad ulterior motives. That's why you are the multi Hunter possible user pairs in a whitelist to record (These users may only couples in these accounts) to determine or users that are allowed in each account into it. In addition, there is the possibility to determine users who are allowed in each account in defining individual IP addresses and IP ranges that are not checked, as well as a provider whitelist when no alarm will also beaten.

[size = 12]Automatic Lock [color = # FF0000]* NEW *[/color]

You trust the multi Hunter through and through ? Let each Fund immediately block . If one of the four multi tests are not very familiar with, the relevant test for the auto lock is turned off. You want to give their users the ability to explain , because it can be so have been the brother or uncle who were on that computer ? Spaces giving them a deadline by when it will be automatically locked. And as if all that was not enough for a simple car lock , you can even enter a text in the ACP, which appears as a blocking reason , as well as a reference text for detected double accounts, why they will soon be locked automatically.

[size = 12]double account application [color = # FF0000]* NEW *[/color]

Give your users the ability to them. Directly via a suitable form to contact that they plan to use their community with two or more people So they save you in advance unnecessary searching and offer users an easy and simple way to have an entry in their whitelist !

Messages from Trash mails / disposable addresses

To detect trash mails its own database is used as a further indication of this to offer you, whether it is a double account with a user. A simple but very efficient API each administrator can ensure that the list is growing correspondingly fast. "Share what you have", is the motto here. You carry something with you to read the data is me (Can be deactivated over ACP) via e-mail sent and I can therefore provide other administrators share their knowledge.

But I want to say most urgently that even trash mails quite have its raison d'être in the age of spam!

Setting options in the ACP

- Global disconnection of the multi- Hunters
- Ask or a name of the cookie for the cookie a super cookie testing
- Install each test routine automatically when needed from
- The storage of different data can be shut off
- Send me browser data does not yet know the multi Hunter , automatically by e -mail to make the plugin more efficient ( By default , this option is Disabledare not[/b!]personal details of the user sent , only language code or the user agent string of a user ! )
- Choose from 3 IP localization services from
- Notification interval of multi Hunter Notifications
- " Double account application " is deactivated

[b][size = 12]group rights

- Set which user group should receive the alerts
- Which group of users to the profile boxes, can see about possible double accounts and the last log entries ?
- Who is allowed to see the log entries in the ACP ?
- Which administrators are allowed to edit the whitelist ?

[size = 12]What this plugin not can

The plugin will not be able to recognize whether it is avoidable with a double account to a person or really about two different people . At this point you are still in demand as an administrator. The multi Hunter you will always be just a tool that gives them tips on where you should take a closer look . Keep in mind that any user who can overcome any technical hurdle even at any time.

Here then arises , however, the crucial question: Who has more endurance? A person who has to eliminate every trace at each login , or multi Hunter?

Support is available to me only through

Licensing :

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Comments 5

  • AndyML -

    Super Tool, macht genau das was wir brauchen um Hausarrest für Spinner zu ermöglichen! Danke!

  • Antony -

    Schönes Plugin, dem entgeht wirklich nichts!

    • Marcel Beckers -

      Nichts würde ich nucht sagen. Aber sehr wenig ;)

  • Dragon6705 -

    So hat sich erledigt hab alles deinstalliert und dann neu Installiert funktioniert wieder super Forum lässt sich wieder aufrufen.

  • Dragon6705 -

    Sorry die neue Version führt zu einem Fatal Error und das Forum lässt sich nicht mehr aufrufen.

    • Marcel Beckers -

      Fehlermeldung wäre schon interessant;-)

  • Bodo -

    Wer ein Forum nutzt das sehr viele Tapatalk User nutzen können den Multihunter nicht nutzen weil der keine Tapatalk User erfassen kann.

  • 2.0.12 pl 5

    - 72.99 kB - Downloaded24 times

    Fixes a bug by the trashmails
  • 2.0.12 pl 4

    - 73.46 kB - Downloaded28 times

    [Fixed] Fixed an error by the trashmail check
  • 2.0.12 pl 3

    - 71.82 kB - Downloaded31 times

    [Fixed] Fixed a bug, which come, when an unknown username woud be insert into the whitelist
  • 2.0.12 pl 2

    - 73.74 kB - Downloaded21 times

    [Fixed] Fixed a bug by unknown usernames in the user pairing whitelist
  • 2.0.12 pl 1

    - 72.89 kB - Downloaded52 times

    [Fixed] Fixed a problem when unlocking a user
  • 2.0.12

    - 72.86 kB - Downloaded22 times

    [Behoben] Der Sperrhinweis bei einer zeitlich versetzten Sperre konnte unter Umständen bei dem Benutzer bestehen bleiben trotz dessen, dass dieser nicht gesperrt wurde
    [Behoben] Benachrichtigung von Doppelaccountfunden enthalten nun keinen Link mehr, wenn das Recht "Kann Logeinträge sehen" nicht gesetzt ist.
    [Behoben] Wenn im Doppelaccount ein falscher Benutzername eingegeben wurde, kam es zu einer Fehlermeldung
    [Hinzugefügt] EIn paar Sprachcodes zur Erkennung von Browsersprachen.
  • 2.0.11 pl 1

    - 73.03 kB - Downloaded41 times

    [Behoben] Behebt einen Fehler während der Anmeldung
  • 2.0.11

    - 72.45 kB - Downloaded16 times

    [Added] Trash mails will now be tested in machining of the profile
    [Added] The Trashmail tests now also relate generally Dubdomains with a
  • 2.0.10

    - 73.01 kB - Downloaded29 times

    [Fixed] When manually applied Trashmail addresses that users were not automatically locked
    [Fixed] Number of last log entries in the professional
    [Added] New user group rights "Can use double account application"
    [Added] New search option "Search only negative messages"
  • 2.0.9

    - 72.5 kB - Downloaded50 times

    [Hinzugefügt] Auf der Doppelaccount beantragen Seite können nun die Hinweise integriert werden
    [Hinzugefügt] Auf der Doppelaccount beantragen Seite können nun mehrehre Benutzer gleichzeitig angegeben werden
    [Behoben] Fehlerhafte Sprachvariable bei der Sperrgrund-Abfrage
    [Behoben] Nach Doppel Meldung im seltenen Fälle sofortige Sperre
    [Behoben] Ip Adresse des Beitrages der Meldung eines Fundes
    [Behoben] Fehler im Hauptaccount nach dem Löschen eines Doppelaccounts
    [Behoben] Negativ Einträge
    [Behoben] Doppel Acount gelöscht
    [Behoben] Tabmenü wird nicht richtig dargestellt
  • 2.0.6 pl 4

    - 67.99 kB - Downloaded164 times

    [Behoben] Beim Wegwerfadresse wird auch ein Doppelaccount gefunden
    [Behoben] Meldungen werden bei AUfruf nicht gefunden
  • 2.0.8 pl 4

    - 71.47 kB - Downloaded40 times

    [Fixed] The username wasn´t displayed in the log entries
  • 2.0.8 pl 3

    - 71.48 kB - Downloaded51 times

    [Fixed] New Trashmail API URL integrated
    [Fixed] When deleting from the list for the automatic lock, were hidden irrtürmlich all entries
    [Added] Option to disable the Trash Mail API, without disabling the Trashmail function
  • 2.0.8

    - 71.23 kB - Downloaded12 times